Wearable Alert Devices

V.ALRT Bluetooth Duress Button

V.ALRT is a wireless duress button that can raise a SafeZone alert via your phone when it’s within range up to 25m. The button works with both iOS and Android versions of SafeZone.

V.ALRT duress buttons can be purchased from CriticalArc or from VSN Mobil in the USA.

USER GUIDE: Download the V.ALRT User Guide on configuring and using the button with your SafeZone app (PDF 1.27Mb).

You can pair or un-pair your device at any time; see the user guide link above for details.


Apple Watch

Apple watch pairs with your iPhone using Bluetooth and compatible WiFi. The watch brings several advantages over the V.ALRT button:

  • SafeZone runs as an app on the watch, which is auto-installed when you install SafeZone on your paired phone;

  • You can select the type of alert you want to raise, and carry out phone calls with responders via Apple watch;

  • Your Apple watch can raise an alert up to 100m from your iPhone (with compatible WiFi);

  • SafeZone app does not need to be running on the iPhone for watch to raise an alert (you do need to be Signed In).

USER GUIDE: Download the Apple Watch User Guide on configuring and using the Apple watch with your SafeZone app (PDF 0.8Mb).