How to Test Your SafeZone App

To test your SafeZone app, make sure you are in a region supported by your response team.

In your SafeZone app, regions will be shown with a blue boundary on the map. If your organizations has set up a test region, it will be shown with a green boundary. (See Show SafeZone Regions)

How to Send a Test Alert

A “test region” boundary

1. Use Menu / “Regions” function to show the region boundaries – look for a green test region, and go to that location.

Show my location (inside green test region)

2. Use “Show my location” button. Confirm you are in the test zone by showing your location. Your location will be marked with a blue dot.   

This is a test area

3. When you are inside the test region, SafeZone will show “This is a Test Area” message. You can now proceed with a test alert.

Tap green first aid button

4. Tap the blue help or green first aid button. Observe the countdown timer winding down for a few seconds before the alert is sent. While the timer is winding down, you can tap the button again to cancel before the alert is sent.

Sending a test alert

5. The alert will be sent as a “Test Alert”

Successful test notified

6. You will be notified that your alert has been received successfully by the SafeZone cloud server – this should take only a few seconds.*

*If you do not receive confirmation that your alert has been sent, first check that:

Location services are enabled; notifications are enabled, and you are inside a test region.

Note: If you tap the RED Emergency button, it will send an alert through to the security team. You can stop the alert by tapping it again before the countdown timer is completed. Otherwise you will be contacted by security to check that you are OK.

If you have problems with the test, contact SafeZone Support.