How It Works


2. Enter your organization’s
email address*


3. Follow the prompts to complete your registration


Note: You must complete your registration before you can begin using SafeZone. 

You may receive an email inviting you to the system.  If you do, follow the instructions therein or you can follow the steps above. For those organizations that have Single Sign-on enabled, enter your organization's user credentials to sign in.

Check with the safety and security team at your organization if you're not sure SafeZone is available.

Using the SafeZone App

Help Call

Tap Help to connect to your local response team or campus security.

To cancel the call, tap again while the timer is winding down.

When should I use Help call?

  • If you want a safety escort after dark

  • If you want to report a suspicious activity

  • Any other scenario where you would want to contact security

First Aid Alert

Tap First Aid if you or another person nearby needs medical assistance. All response team members are qualified first-aiders.

(Tap again to cancel).

When should I use First Aid alert?

  • If you or someone near you is hurt or injured

  • If you are not sure whether you need an ambulance, raise the First Aid alert and ask the responders to also call an ambulance.

Emergency Alert

Tap the red button for an emergency. If you, or another person nearby find themselves in a situation where their personal safety is threatened or they are hurt or injured, raise an Emergency alert.

(Tap again to cancel).

When should I use the Emergency button?

  • If you feel threatened, or if someone has threatened you

  • If you have been assaulted or are the victim of a robbery

  • If you are hurt or injured (use First Aid if minor)

  • If you see somebody else being threatened, assaulted or robbed

Editing Your Profile

You can update your personal details at any time from the SafeZone app menu.

1. Select ID

2. Edit details

3. Select the first item where name and email address are displayed

4. Simply tap on any item (name, phone number or optional photo) to edit

If your organization has chosen to accept other details (e.g. room number, medical condition, access/mobility needs) then you may edit those fields.

When you’re finished, tap “Update Profile”.

Forgotten Password: You can request an automated password reset from the sign in screen.

Privacy: Note that your information is always held in strictest confidence as required by privacy laws in your country.

How to Test Your SafeZone App

To test your SafeZone app, make sure you are in a region supported by your response team.

In your SafeZone app, regions will be shown with a blue boundary on the map. If your organizations has set up a test region, it will be shown with a green boundary. (See Show SafeZone Regions)

How to Send a Test Alert

A “test region” boundary

1. Use Menu / “Regions” function to show the region boundaries – look for a green test region, and go to that location.

Show my location (inside green test region)

2. Use “Show my location” button. Confirm you are in the test zone by showing your location. Your location will be marked with a blue dot.   

This is a test area

3. When you are inside the test region, SafeZone will show “This is a Test Area” message. You can now proceed with a test alert.

Tap green first aid button

4. Tap the blue help or green first aid button. Observe the countdown timer winding down for a few seconds before the alert is sent. While the timer is winding down, you can tap the button again to cancel before the alert is sent.

Sending a test alert

5. The alert will be sent as a “Test Alert”

Successful test notified

6. You will be notified that your alert has been received successfully by the SafeZone cloud server – this should take only a few seconds.*

*If you do not receive confirmation that your alert has been sent, first check that:

Location services are enabled; notifications are enabled, and you are inside a test region.

Note: If you tap the RED Emergency button, it will send an alert through to the security team. You can stop the alert by tapping it again before the countdown timer is completed. Otherwise you will be contacted by security to check that you are OK.

If you have problems with the test, contact SafeZone Support.