Why Use SafeZone?


Get Help Quickly

Whether for a personal emergency, first aid, or other’s safety.


Receive Notifications

Receive real-time notifications so you stay informed in the event of an emergency.


Check In with Security

Check in when you work alone or in high-risk areas. Set a timer on your session that automatically alerts the team if you become unresponsive.

How It Works

Trigger the alert on your smartphone

First responders are notified

SafeZone responders arrive quickly on the scene

Our campus is already very safe but SafeZone gives students and staff extra reassurance that assistance is no more than the touch of a button away.
— Denis Fowler, Director Health, Safety & Security Department, University of York



Help Call

Connect with your local response team or campus security for general help.


First Aid Alert

Request first aid if you or another person needs medical assistance.


Emergency Alert

Raise an emergency alert with a single tap if you or another person is in a situation where their personal safety is threatened.

 Common Questions

What do I need to do to start using the service?

  1. Download the app
  2. Enter your organization's email address*
  3. Follow the prompts to complete your registration

You must complete your registration before you can begin using SafeZone

Will I be tracked all the time?

No, the Safezone App only shares your location with the response team or campus security when you press one of the three alert buttons (Emergency, First Aid, Help), or Check-In. Even then, your location is only ever shared with professional responders. Your right to privacy is always respected. You can cancel any alert or check-in at any time.

How long will it take the responders to reach me?

Once your alert is activated, all members of your organizations’ response team receive the alert within seconds and a responder will start moving to your location, calling you as they do so. The time it takes to reach you will depend on your proximity to the various responder locations.

Can I raise an alert without touching my phone?

You can use a wearable device such as an Apple watch or a Bluetooth Low-Energy Duress button to raise an alert without your phone.

See FEATURES for more information on syncing devices with SafeZone.

Will the app drain my battery?

No. SafeZone only uses your battery when you open the app and use it. Thus, it will not impact your day-to-day use of the smartphone.

Where does SafeZone work?

Your SafeZone region will be defined by your organization’s response team. Typically at a university, this is any campus area, but may also cover paths to nearby transport or accommodation.

To see where your organization’s SafeZone regions are, tap “Regions” in the SafeZone App Menu (See FEATURES for more details)

If you are outside the region and you press a SafeZone button, the app will offer a one-tap call to local emergency services instead.

Check with the safety and security team at your institution whether SafeZone is available.